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911, 2023

Innovación en Oftalmología: El Primer Trasplante Completo de Ojo y Cara Parcial

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Trasplante de ojo En un hito sin precedentes para la medicina y la oftalmología, un equipo quirúrgico de la Universidad de Nueva York ha realizado con éxito el primer trasplante completo de ojo del mundo, junto con un trasplante de cara parcial, en un paciente de 46 años. [...]

1310, 2023

OU: One of the Six Institutions advancing Ophthalmology Training around the World

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Revolutionizing Cataract Surgery Education: A Global Endeavor In today's fast-evolving medical landscape, staying ahead in terms of knowledge and surgical expertise has never been more crucial. When it comes to cataract surgery – a life-changing procedure for millions worldwide – the imperative for a stellar educational foundation is paramount. It [...]

1408, 2023

The Human Touch in Ophthalmology: Why Scoring 91% on the French Board Exam Isn’t Enough

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Is it time to make a paradigm shift, or should we remain patient and await further development? Recent evidence shows that Chat GPT-4, an advanced AI model, has scored an astonishing 91% on the French board exams in ophthalmology. This remarkable achievement prompts an exciting possibility: could this level of [...]

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