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Cataract Academy Course

The most complete Phacoemulsification course on Earth

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Curso de Lentes de Alta Tecnología

Todo lo que debes saber para empezar a colocar LIOs Premium.

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Mastering ICL

Start offering this fantastic technology to your patients.

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OU Review Hub

Welcome to OU Review Hub – advancing surgical excellence one video at a time.


A dedicated platform for the ophthalmic surgical community.
Here, you can securely upload your surgical videos, and a panel of seasoned experts will then provide objective evaluations, offering insights to enhance your surgical technique, bolster decision-making, and improve problem-solving.

Dive in, grow with feedback, and elevate your surgical prowess with the collective wisdom of the community.

If your video file is bigger than 100mb you can compress it online using free tools like Free Convert . Or you can upload it into online video platforms like Youtube or Vimeo, and send us the link below:

If you have your surgery video uploaded into Youtube or Vimeo, you can paste the link below

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OftalmoUniversity, the ophthalmological ecosystem that gives you the space to develop your abilities and skills to the fullest.
Find courses, podcasts, articles, and webinars tailored to your needs to start the path to professional excellence today.

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Certificación Internacional


Hybrid Blended Education

At OU, we always look to the future.
That is why we introduce the Hybrid Blended Education Program, the future of ophthalmology teaching, today!
Join a new way of learning, with methodology and practices designed to transform you into the ophthalmologist you always wanted to be.
Be part of the most innovative ophthalmology Campus today!

Visit the OU Campus and begin
your journey to your surgical excellence

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